Blood Beach is better than the new Wes Anderson movie…

**I’m knocking out a little work, hanging out with the lady, and lazily paying attention to Blood Beach. The comfort food for the week? Late night (cable) or afternoon (local Memphis channels….edited) fare from childhood. Blood Beach kicks off my October run of rented, On-Demanded, or theatrically-attended (unlikely) silliness. Even for this era, even for 9th rate gore (!!!!), it comes as a minor surprise that Burt Young and John Saxon were talked into this one. Oh good, the dog died. Did Burt Young’s character (”Sgt. Royko”) get transferred to L.A. from Philly or NY?

“We need a character actor with a thick, Northern, street-corner-rube accent.”

Royko to a tall, Black cop: “You’re the problem with this world.”

Royko to room of cops: “This would have never happened in Chicago.”

Well, he’s right.

“We found it!!! We found it!!! We found the guy’s wiener!!!”

**I’m also here to offer an public challenge to Wes Anderson:

Would it be possible to NOT make a Wes Anderson movie? I couldn’t be less excited about The Darjeeling Limited. Everything one needs to know about the film can be absorbed by looking at promo stills or the movie’s poster. I’d like to note that this image also appears when “The Darjeeling Limited” is image-searched through Google. All vital elements of The Wes Anderson Package are in place: Quirkiness, privilege, “exotic” locale, sibling complexity, romantic misunderstandings, white. Did Slate beat me to this opinion?



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