Ok, ok….

…Wes Anderson doesn’t make “white” movies. You win. They are incredibly diverse. Stop with the e-mails. And this should tell you something about standing in lines: I was waiting in line at the book store, and overheard two progressive housewives talking about Cornel West “rapping” on Real Time with Bill Maher. They referred to it as “really cool.” I incorrectly figured that they knew the difference between Dr. Cornel West and Michael Eric Dyson (author of over-academic Hip-Hop books that I don’t want to read and a man that finds the existence of Benjamin Franklin biographies to be “racist”), the latter of whom DID recently make a complete ass of himself on the show, rapping about Alexander Hamilton being a “pimp.” Maybe Cornel West dropped some science on Bill Maher as well, though I don’t feel like IM-DIBBING him to find out (he did in fact, put out a Hip-Hop album this year). My style of blogournalism includes using misguided strangers as primary sources. That’s what you’re going to get here at failedpilot.com

I did enjoy Maher referring to 90% of Hip-Hop as “affirmative action for the ego.” Duh, but nicely put.

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