The Cable Report – early 10/20/07

– Odd and intense audience misbehavior to be had on tonight’s Real Time with Bill Maher. It reminded me slightly of a personal experience that occurred last Saturday night. No one cares what you have to yell.

– Simultaneous UFO (History Channel Jr.) and Chupacabra (Natty Gee….the Is It Real? program) docs on LATE. The “last” button got a nice workout! These channels certainly know how to synchronize their commercials.

– Don’t steal this idea, but I’ve always wanted to write a magazine piece about PG-13 horror films. Much to choose from tonight, including the hilarious Stay Alive.

– VH1 Classic’s 40 Greatest Metal Songs Of All Time is tough to watch. A perfect storm of base pop-cultural jokes, especially regarding the long infertile realm of 80’s Hair Metal.

Nuns on the Run my friends, Nuns on the Run!!! 

Pet Sematary on HBO+, remembered only for the cringe-inducing Achilles tendon slice scene and a too-late-to-be-that-catchy Ramones song. You know, the movie is not THAT bad.


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