Real McCoy – I Get So Excited

Real McCoy – I Get So Excited/ Somebody’s Taken Maria Away –Pye N17618 (1968 UK)

The Real McCoy come up trumps with this KILLER cover of The Equals tune. It starts off as a real solid and driving performance and then all hell breaks loose when the track gets engulfed by majestic swirling phasing. Most records sounded this way anyway on Radio Luxemburg anyhow, but they certainly went the whole hog as the phasing is there for most of the track. Real McCoy were Irish and seemed to have specialized in covering key Bubblegum tracks of the time, but always adding an edge –check out the versions of Round The Gum Tree and Quick Joey Small for further examples of this.

Note: You can find all the tracks above on the Round The Gum Tree UK Bubblegum compilation that Sanctuary put out a couple of years back.

Click on title for a full version of I Get So Excited

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