Rescue Co. No.1 –I Want To Save You

Rescue Co. No.1 –I Want To Save You/ Amanda –Jam 14 (1972 UK)

Arnold, Martin & Morrow (Go Go Thunder, Butterscotch etc…) are behind this fine slab of orchestral Glammy Psych/Pop. Rescue Co. No.1 had a plethora of singles on different labels, and this is one of the 3 singles they released on the Jam imprint. It’s probably my favourite Rescue single of the lot, but you can also check out Its Only Words posted May 28th 2007. The lush yet sharp arrangement and production is simply staggering and it all sounds a bit like The Move accompanied by The London Symphony Orchestra playing an unreleased Hello tune…I’m sure you’ll enjoy this!

Click on title for a full version of I Want To Save You.

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