Behind the scenes during the creation of a little-read music column…

Yes, people, I am spit-shining the year-end installment of Where’s The Street Team? for Magnet Magazine, and what follows is my original intro. It sucked! My editors served me!! They are in bold!!

I started writing this column in early 2003, making this the fourth year-end installment of Where’s The Street Team?. Nobody celebrates four years of anything, unless it’s sobriety, marriage or a killing spree. It’s not my point to recall the anniversary theme of last issue’s column; it’s my point to state that coming up with a theme inside of a theme for the fourth time can be a little tough. So, with that on the table, I really have no idea what I was thinking when making the following assemblage, other than the fact that all of it happened in 2007. Oh, and I’ve just come to the realization that this intro would have been best saved for the next year-end issue. People actually do seem to make note when things happen perpetually for five years. Happy Holidays. (THIS INTRO DOESN’T REALLY ADD ANYTHING TO THE PIECE… JUST KINDA SPINS ITS WHEELS. WOULD BE BETTER IF IT JUST TOUCHED ON SOME TOPICS BRIEFLY AND MADE SOME QUICK JOKES INSTEAD OF BEING SELF-REFERENTIAL.)

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