House Of Lilly – Turn Around

House Of Lilly – Turn Around/ Situations –Eurodisc 12805 (1973 French Issue)

House of Lilly were apparently a Swiss band, but Turn Around is a cracking Punk-edged performance that rocks hard without ever falling into Hard Rock histrionics or Prog indulgences. The only slight blemish is the weak organ solo, but the lead guitar that follows is positively blistering. Their use of English language was nothing if not creative…Can’t make it all out but there are witches flying about and the singer proclaims at one point: “I am The Devil and my breath will blow you up”. His last line ends with: My….. WILL FUCK YOU UP“, but I’m not too sure as to what he was referring to. The B side is OK, but has a flute –go throw it in the lake boy and let’s have more cheese induced delirium!

Click on title for full version of Turn Around

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