No Country for Old Men….HALL OF GREATNESS!!!!

1. Anton choking on the peanuts during the “so, you married into it” exchange.

2. Tasteful use of the transponder.

3. It’s not near as violent as the reviewers, especially the ninnie that wrote about it for Slate, would have you believe.

4. It’s a tour of proto-sprawl motels circa-1980.

5. (Goof) Mid-80’s K-Car in motel parking lot.

6. This poorly-written volunteer entry in the ‘Parent’s Guide’ section of the film’s IMDB entry:

Strong, graphic, grim violence throughout. It has a longer-lasting effect than a normal R-rated movie. It is the most violent movie that the Coen Brothers have done yet. A man uses a cattle gun to shoot his victims (a few at point blank). These shootings (there are many) are quite graphic and bloody. A man gets strangled with handcuffs (blood spurts as an artery bursts). A man comes across many dead bodies (and a dead dog). These dead bodies are shown graphically. A man shoots a dog that’s attacking him. A man gets shot at (he gets hit in the arm). A man is in a car crash and a bone is sticking out of his arm. A man is shot in the head and neck, blood pours out. This happens during a shootout. A man is shot in his side, but gets into a hospital. It is implied that a completely innocent woman gets shot. A man shoots an antelope while hunting, and the antelope limps away. The list goes on–violence is one of the movie’s main themes.

7. It is indeed the Coen Brothers’ return to glory.

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