69 Contest!

I recently participated in a couple of online contests based on a simple premise: write a complete story in 69 words. Not only was it fun, it was a nifty exercise designed to remind the writer to appreciate the value of every single word (a practice all of us should take to heart).

Since my previous post on writer’s block seems to have struck a chord (I should have known from experience that, just as misery loves company, blocked writers enjoy nothing more than reading about other blocked writers), and since the aforementioned exercise is a great tool for getting past being blocked, I’m pleased to announce a new 69 contest.

Again, write a complete story in 69 words. No more, no less. As simple as that it’s up to you what to write about. Just submit your 69-word masterpieces as a comment to this post.

The fine writer Ron Carlson used to tell his students, “You want a reason to write? I’ll give you a deadline.” So, in that spirit, all entries must be received by Friday, 28 April 2006, at noon (EDT).

The prize? A new copy of Harlan Ellison‘s Edgeworks, Vol. 1, containing his short-story collection Over the Edge and An Edge in My Voice, a stunning collection of essays.

If you didn’t have one before, now you have a reason to write. Tell your friends. And yes, you can enter as many times as you’d like. I’ll announce the best entry next weekend.

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