A.P.E. was great!

Yes, it was really great. Just what I needed- get out of town (and away from all my troubles), see lots of friends, hang out in one of my favorite cities, and get lots of great new comics.

Here’s what I got:

What else… Sold out of all the copies of “tuesday.” that I brought with me. Got to hang out with all my cartoonist pals. Met some new people that were cool. The APESH!T art show was really great- I bought a painting by Jeff Roysdon and one by Jesse Reklaw. Got a potential publishing offer that I’ll be considering after hearing the Xeric Grant results. Went to Brett Reichman’s art opening- which was also really great.

I added some new links to my sidebar: Zak Saly and his publishing front La Mano, Daria Tessler’s Animal Sleep Stories website, and Tom Gauld. All of whom should be checked out by everyone. They are great!

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