An American In Paris

I just got back from a four-hour walk, mostly through parts of Paris I’d never seen. It was intended, first, to let me figure out how to get to the Maison du Radio France, where I’m going tonight to see a concert of electronic music, which includes my pal Carl Stone. I just wanted to figure out things like where the front door is and so on. After that I figured I’d just wander.

So I walked a while, and got to the Seine, which I had to cross to get to the hall. To my amazement, there was the Statue of Liberty. I’m such a dolt, I forgot to take my camera, but I could have gotten a great shot of the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower together. It was one bridge up from where I was, so I didn’t get to inspect it closely and see if it were an early model for the one in New York, or made later, or what. But it was odd.

Just as that was clearing from my head, I stepped onto the Avenue John F. Kennedy, which is where the hall is. Okay, now I knew where I was going later. Fine.

As I continued walking along the banks of the Seine, the name of the street changed to Avenue de New York. Hmmm. I wanted to get away from the water, get up the hill a bit into the sunshine, so at the Trocadero, I made a turn, and, just to make sure I wasn’t going too far out of my way, I looked at the map, and saw something called the Mus

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