Art Brut = Fun

(Cool photos by Ms. Grady, who must’ve been standing RIGHT Beside me, because I had the same distance and angle as well. I’ll post my pix over the next few days.)

‘Twas a great Art Brut show last night at Southpaw in Brooklyn. The band was in top rock form, fired up and guitar rockin’. Singer Eddie Argos tried to gain some sympathy from the audience by detailing all the medications he’d ingested during the day, leading to his wobbly and possibly out of control state, but I didn’t buy it. He seemed pretty in control of the whole affair last night.

Art Brut opened with their (already classic?) CD opener “Formed a Band”, and from there onwards, it was bam, bam, bam – all great rockin’ tracks from their debut (which I bought for $15 at the merch table last night). Songs like “My Little Brother”, “Modern Art”, “Emily Kane” (which is now, Mr. Argos said, a song about the feeling of “being in love at 15 yrs. old” rather than being about one specific love) all sounded way cool, like Sigue Sigue Sputnik crossed with Generation X fronted by a younger Stephen Fry.

It was my first time seeing them, so yes, I was caught up in the excitement. I was particularly impressed with the punk rock guitar stylings of lead guitarist Ian Catskilkin. He was smokin’ the whole night. The Tuesday night crowd seemed a bit lethargic, though, until the end of the set. And yes, Eddie jumped into the crowd. But who was that 6ft.4in. guy who tried to leap from the stage and bodysurf? Yikes! Move away. Oh, and thanks to the busty blonde Brit who brushed her bozookas against my arm for more than half the set – was a nice touch to to the rock.

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