Beerfest is worth your time.

Club Dread was not. Super Troopers couldn?t hold it for the duration. Beerfest should be the final word in the updating of crude 80?s comedies. I generally despise 80’s nods or retreads when it comes to film. Beerfest avoids retro, just using some basics from that genre and going nutz. Rated R for a reason, this one packs all available space with fucking, titties, gross-outs, partying, ass-stompings, and cleverly drawn out dialogue gags. A completely out-to-lunch, wild-ass, and simply fucked-up strain of humor runs through the entire movie, and with a mastery that makes Talladega Nights come off like Nacho Libre or Clerks 2 (a movie that I did not see, but will guarantee its insufferable nature by virtue of it being a Kevin Smith vehicle). This one comes as highly recommended by ME.

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