Bishop Allen

NYC/Brooklyn band Bishop Allen gets a nice paragraph in today’s WSJ article about online popularity of certain bands, and does that translate into do-re-mi. (Reg. req.d)

“The Internet can also provide a way to stoke CD sales. Justin Rice and Christian Rudder, who make up the Brooklyn-based band Bishop Allen, built an Internet following with a continual-release strategy. In a move one part ambitious and one part “double-dog dare,” says Mr. Rice, the pair decided to release four new songs a month for a year on their Web site. As a result, fans — from New York and San Francisco to Kentucky and China — keep coming back for more. They’ve sold an average of 1,500 CDs a month at $5 a pop. By pocketing $3.70 from each sale, the duo is set to earn nearly $35,000 each this year.”

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