It must be fun to be a member of NYC’s Man In Gray. They get to play with up-and-coming bands like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, which means celebs like David Bowie inadvertently turn up at their shows. The band members are some of each other’s best friends, often hanging out together when not recording or performing. Their significant others are friends as well, communicating through their own blogs and at one point even forming their own band. All in all, it sounds like a nice, supportive mini-community.

The closest I’ve come to seeing Man In Gray is when lead singer Christina and her boyfriend Phil hung out with us while visiting St. Louis for a family function. Now the band is embarking on a tour of the East Coast and Midwest. They will be stopping at Sally T’s in nearby St. Peters, MO on Wednesday, March 22. (Ironically, this is a few days after I return from NYC.) I have class that night but am going to try my best to make it. You should too.

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