“Brother…” on Channel Frederator

“Brother, Can You Spare a Job?” is the animated short propaganda film that Greg Saunders and I made as a “get out the vote” effort for the 2004 election. Well, we all know how that turned out… a little more than a year later and our country is in terrible shape.

With the 2006 election coming up, “Brother, Can You Spare a Job?” is as timely as ever. The stocks soaring and wages shrinking, who’s on the receiving end of this economic recovery we keep hearing about? If things are going so great, then where are all the jobs going? As the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has shown us, poverty is a problem that’s getting worse and worse under the leadership of the Republican Party and their merry band of cronies and thieves. You’re doing a heckuva job, Bushie!

Now, with the help of Channel Frederator, we are able to spread our little film to an even bigger audience. Channel Frederator assembles 15 minute episodes of cartoons that are formatted specifically for your iPod (or other digital players). So, whip out your credit card and indulge in this bustling, capitalist society by purchasing an iPod (what were you gonna do with that money- give it to a more worthy cause or something? ). Then go to Channel Frederator and download “Brother, Can You Spare a Job?”! The cartoons are FREE! You can download it from the Channel Frederator episode 14 site, or you can get it through the iTunes store. After you get it, be sure to go back to Channel Frederator, register, and vote for your favorite shorts.

Also, be sure to check out my other cartoon, the Muffs music video “Don’t Pick On Me”, in Channel Frederator episode 5.

Then be sure to vote in the 2006 election. Sure they’ll rig that election, too, and steal all the votes with the help of their privately owned voting machines… But voting is fun, and you get a nice shiny sticker! Then in 2007 Bush will declare himself Emporor and we’ll plunge further into despotism… but hey- at least you’ll have an iPod with some cool cartoons on it!

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