BuyMySongs on MySpace

Good news – The MySpace/SNOCAP integration now looks like it’s live, so it gives me much pleasure to finally mention that you can buy five new tracks of mine now playing at the SNOCAP player on my Myspace page. These are tracks I’ve been singing karaoke-style in my recent live shows, so maybe some of you have heard these before. Now’s your chance to get these exclusive tracks “Say Yeah”, “Melody Guaranteed”, “Lucky Guy”, “Me & Debra Lee” and “Two Become One”. Mostly classic pop with some rock edges. Hope you buy ’em and like ’em.

A caveat – It’s a little tricky to get started here – it helps to have a PAYPAL account already set up. If you don’t, I think you can still use a credit card too. Once that’s set, then you set up your SNOCAP account and go ahead and start buying bands’ music on MySpace. Mine first. Should be a fun experiment.

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