Circus Magazine

Brooklyn Vegan informs (via Gawker) that CIRCUS Magazine is in foreclosure, and editor Gerry Rothberg has thrown everything he has to keep CIRCUS afloat, to no avail and to his current state of broke-ness.

CIRCUS magazine was to me in high school what the music blogs are to today’s cool kids – a direct link to great pix and interviews with the rockers of the day. Too young for Rolling Stone’s dope and politics and too old for teenbeat mags, I found all the rock I needed in CIRCUS – stories and pix on Kiss, David Bowie, Ted Nugent, Mott the Hoople, Ramones, Genesis, and countless others, all which helped infuse my musical breeding over the past 30 years.

In my apartment, I’ve over 300 odd issues of CIRCUS magazines – If anyone is interested in a serious look at buying the collection, I’m willing to show.

Music magazines will come and go, but this closing has a certain resonance in my head and heart. Read an oral history of CIRCUS Magazine here and look here too for more CIRCUS related info.

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