Cloud Cult/Stars of Track & Field/Land of Talk

Movable Hype show Knitting Factory Monday night featuring Cloud Cult, Stars of Track & Field, Land of Talk and the Slak Republic. I saw part of Stars of Track & Field, all of Land of Talk, some of Cloud Cult and None of The Slak Republic.

Stars guys – sharpest rockers of the lot)

Land of Talk singer/guitarist – Love her knockin’ knees)

Cloud Cult CEO

The punk/hardcore kid in me should hate all these bands, but the more generous grownup in me says:
Stars of Track & Field – Yeah! Loud! Invigorating! Sharp! Multi-Instrument-asmic.
Land of Talk – Gay Canadians, but nice songs sweetened by lovely vocals, innovative guitar fretwork, knockin’ knees!
Cloud Cult – Spacey, spiritual(?) and rockin’ but walks and talks like a jam band. Hit me.

(Also caught half of the Old Office Set by NYC’s power popsters The Inevitable Breakups, whose drummer was playing his last gig with the band. Sadly, it showed.

Pix of them and the others are up at my Flickr site.

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