CMJ Thursday Night

Rock and freak and roll and horns and sweat and patchoulie and volume. Second night of CMJ weirdness for me is captured below in photos. (A bunch more are here).

In a nutshell…

Blue Cheer: 3 guys, Loud, bluesy, sludgy rock – you can thank these guys for Grand Funk. Or vice versa. It was cool. And surprisingly respectful.

An Albatross: Frontman Eddie stole the show – this Iggy act-a-like was a big crowd pleaser, and his screams were a big ear teaser. The guitarist and bassist had the fastest fingers alive last night. Cool show.

Moon & Moon: A trippy hippie named Devendra Banhart leading his fellow musician collective through a vague melange of dancey Eastern chants, full of drama and innuendo. Not my scene, maaaan…but I liked the belly dancers you brought along.

Skeleton & The Kings of All Cities: Wish I could say more about these guys, but I can’t – saw a few songs, horns a-tootin’, took a few snaps, lingered awhile in the back, and headed up to see Blue Cheer. Non-eventful anyway you slice it.

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