Death From Above 1979 Dead

“We started as a punk band with pop aspirations and we met every goal we set for ourselves. a few weeks ago, the album finally went gold in canada and that was the final mark i really wanted to reach.. it was my goal to see how big we could become without ever compromising or changing what we did right from the start… and now i know. we did way more than i ever expected and i like to think the fans (you?) enjoyed it as much as we did…. watching us sneak our way onto network tv, big festivals and sports arenas… playing music that most people assumed only belonged in basements and dirty rock clubs. we played our first show in a living room on long island for about 12 people and played our last in the calgary saddledome for 12,000. ha! what more could i have ever asked for? ive been in lots of punk bands over the last 15 years and i played every basement, squat, hole and alley from here to eastern europe. dfa79 was the first time i ever really played on a stage, yet i really didnt change what i was doing from what id been doing in the past… hell i was even using the same amplifiers!”

– Check out the cool letter to fans from Death from Above 1979’s bassist Jesse F. Keeler on why the band is breaking up – the Pitchfork writer calls it “one of the most honest and revealing things written by a pop musician that I’ve ever read.” It’s pretty transparent, I’ll say….

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