Death of a Music Critic

“Who needs music critics in the age of the Internet? Perhaps I should ask, who needs music critics who write for newspapers? Or magazines? These days, Web sites explode with reviews, many of them culled from other people’s Web sites, blogs or message boards, and, occasionally, newspapers.

In fact, you can start your own blog and become your own favorite critic. You don’t have to take the word of some hoary (and hairy) old dude who sits at a desk all day. It’s 2006! You can take the word of some tattooed, multipierced skate rat who sits at a desk all day. The era of elitism and expertise is over!”

– Ralph Berrier writes a music column for the Roanoake Times, and it seems from Sunday’s column headlined “Death of a Music Critic” that he’s not only soul-searching, but maybe soon-searching….for a new line of work. (via Music Press Report)

Good luck with that next review of the Party in the Park series.

Oh, Ralph, the NME is looking for a music writer….?

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