Deja Vu all over again

Thanks to Brad for hosting his New Year’s Eve Eve poker tourney.

I managed to win the July 4th Weekend tournament during the summer as a newcomer to the group, so I was surprised to hear they wanted me back.

Well, they wanted my money back, actually. And with four more people in the tournament and many more re-buys, the purse was much bigger.

Inexplicably, I won again. The picture’s misleading–that’s Brad’s hand, apparently about to rake the dough on the final hand, but the A-Q (pair of Queens) are mine, against his 2-4 (pair of fours).

The heads-up action was a lot of fun, with some pretty tight play on both sides. We each doubled up once against the other, and then we finally reached this hand with Brad pretty short-stacked, so he went for it.

Brad, thanks for letting me come back, and I promise a better bottle of wine if I get a return invite for the 4th of July.

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