Dfactor Cover – Guided by Voices “The Brides Have Hit Glass”

Every month in 2006, I’ve recorded my own version of a favorite rock song from the past 40 or so years. I’ve posted these covers up at my 12 Months – 12 Covers series page.

This month, I’m representin’ Dayton, Ohio’s finest with my September 2006 cover of the excellent Guided by Voices song “The Brides Have Hit Glass”.

“The Brides Have Hit Glass” is a terrific song from the pen of Robert Pollard and his band Guided by Voices’ 2001 CD “Isolation Drills”. It’s a classic breakup track (describing his interactions with his wife when returning to home life after long touring stretches) set to a melancholic pop melody.

I spent a lot of time between 1997-2004 with the music, the fans and the drinks around Guided by Voices. Robert Pollard has so many great songs to hang one’s sodden memory onto, but I picked “Brides” to cover as I felt it was among the few straightforward Pollard lyrical numbers, and also one with a grownup marital sensibility about anger and sadness. Some of us have been there before, and the song resonates in the veins.

I’ve also uploaded a new original GBV-esque song called It over at my MySpace site. Check it out, I think you’ll dig it. There’s also a couple more over at my SoundClick site, including “Shine” for those seeking a tasty treat! (Click on music link)

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