Dfactor loves Faster Than the World

The fine rock and roll magazine Faster Than the World opened its door to me in the past few weeks and I stepped through.

I’m writing about my year in cover songs, aka the 12 Covers-12 Months series of monthly cover songs, for the daily magazine, and I’m pretty stoked. The first of three articles (covering my January-April covers) is up and online today. A 2nd column is being readied for post-Thanksgiving release and the 3rd one up in early December, just around the time when I play a Dec. 6th Pianos show to do the entire covers selections back to front, toe to toe, head to feet.

It’s a good opportunity to think through the series selections, remember (or not) why I chose them, recall the happy recording accidents and riff on the absurdity (and emotional uplift) of it all. All in all, it’s a nice wrap-up in words to a productive 2006.

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