Dfactor Loves The Replacements

It was inevitable that I would cover The Replacements during the 12 Covers-12 Months series. The big questions were ‘which?’ and ‘when?’.

The ‘which’ came easy – Color Me Impressed is a knockout rocker, a grand-slam-out-of-the-park song, one of the best of the early Replacements rockers. I stayed faithful to the original (to the dismay of some of you), but I ask why tamper with a great sound and vision? The ‘when’ part just happened to be now (saving my favorite faves til the end?), and it happily coincides with a lot of attention on Paul Westerberg for his soundtrack work on the new film “Open Season”.

Click to my PureVolume site above to hear my cover of The Replacements “Color Me Impressed”. And drop a comment or an email to let me know if it mooooooves you!

Or if you’d rather, watch the real deal – see The Replacements play Color Me Impressed during a 1986 soundcheck at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ.

Two months and two covers left after this, and December’s cover is already pretty much in the can (though November’s cover is still open at this point…) I hope you’re enjoying hearing my takes on these songs as much as I’ve had picking amd recording them. Rock on.

photo by Brady Hegberg

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