Dorothy and Lillian

A segment on the latest Weekend Edition Saturday, about the friendship between Dorothy Parker and Lillian Hellman, is well worth checking out. Fascinating stuff about two fascinating writers who grew together and grew apart, only to become inextricably joined again after Parker dies, leaves her estate to Martin Luther King Jr. and the NAACP, and makes Hellman the executor of her will.

Apparently the James Frey of her day, Hellman’s handling of Parker’s literary estate helped ensure that Hellman’s own million little lies remained hidden.

Hear Scott Simon’s interview with writer Marion Meade, who wrote about Parker and Hellman for Bookforum, at the NPR website: “Dorothy Parker, Lillian Hellman and the NAACP.”

Read Ms. Meade’s painstakingly researched article “Estate of Mind” online at Bookforum.

Dorothy Parker, left, from a 1935 photo.
Lillian Hellman, right, photographed in 1945.
Hulton Archives/Getty Images

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