Earles on Road House 2: Last Call

The original Road House had its hooks in me over the 2001 ? 2003 stretch. I held watching parties, wrote an article or two, and held many discussions. In early 2003, was ?Tanner Wildgrass: The Inspiration for Dalton? for a live-in-the-studio bit on Tom Scharpling?s The Best Show on WFMU. Like many of my fixations, this one lost its allure, but not before at least 100 viewings.

Road House 2: Last Call has no carryover characters or actors in different roles. It went straight to DVD and On-Demand (my pick), was shot in pre-Katrina NOLA, and features two names: Will Patton and Jake Busey. Jake Busey sits in the evil landowner chair, punching people out for no reason, gaining weight, listening to a lot of hip-hop, getting double-teamed in the hot tub (?Ah, nothing clears the mind like fucking.?), waving a gun around, and generally chewing the hell out of the scenery. He?s probably worth it, as not much else is. The Swayze was credited with a flashback scene when production began on this. That was apparently scrapped. I did some other things around the house while this played out. Knives, fake tits, some muscle named ?Stone?, some tongue not so far from cheek, rehashed scenes and lines that blur the line between sequel and remake, some things around the apartment?..

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