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Tis the season for petitions. Chuck Eddy was let go from his music editor position at the Village Voice yesterday. Sign here to urge the new owners to reconsider.

To Michael Lacey and Andy Van De Voorde of Village Voice Media:

We the undersigned, consisting of music publicists, music people and Village
Voice readers, hereby request the reinstatement of Chuck Eddy as music
editor of the Village Voice. The official reason given for his termination
was “reasons of taste.” Seeing as Chuck did his job and did it with
efficiency, intelligence, character and humor, to say nothing of good taste,
we find the grounds for his dismissal unreasonable bordering on
incomprehensible and ask that he be restored to the position he has occupied
for the last seven years.

Village Voice senior editor and rock critic Robert Christgau said of Eddy,
“There have been many good music editors, but Chuck Eddy was the most
efficient, most professional I worked with. He was fabulous to work with. He
was the only editor who got his sections in not on time, but ahead of time.
He was so easy to work with. He was great.”

Since Village Voice Media assumed control of the Voice in November, Chuck is
the 17th employee to leave the paper, either by resignation or termination.
It is clear that the Voice is being made to change in ways that are
rendering it indistinguishable from every other weekly in the country. Chuck
had been writing for the Voice since 1984, it was voices like his that made
it the paper what it was. Their loss is our loss.


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