As I moved to toss – I mean recycle, of course – the always-unread San Francisco Chronicle pink/entertainment section this morning, my wife called to my attention an article about THE FLESH EATERS‘ reformation within it by Sylvie Simmons. I guess we’re only t-minus 10 days until the 25th anniversary re-emergence of the “Minute to Pray, Second To Die” line-up of the band, April 5th in San Francisco, and the scene is boiling in anticipation. I’ve tried to mark the blessed occassion for my part by soliciting Chris D. to conduct an exciting email interview with the hugely influential and widely-read Agony Shorthand blog, but to date, no confirmation of my exceptionally generous offer has been tendered. I will say that last time I brokered such an interview offer with him, 1990 for an all-Flesh Eaters radio special I did on KFJC, he called me on my work phone a mere hour before the show & I fumbled for the words to thank a hero I’d only met briefly once before. The interview went off without a hitch, thankfully. In any event, Chris, if you’re out there, let’s see if we can’t help sell this goddamn show out 8 times over.

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