Galahad –Rocket Summer

Galahad –Rocket Summer/Elephant Stomp –Bell 2008 150 (1973 German issue)

This should be filed under tripped out Glam! Galahad is a studio creation from Gerry Morris and producer Tony Atkins. This duo were involved with countless obscurities including Boulevard, Cymbaline, Blunderbuss, Geoff Whitehorn and were behind the great Gerry Morris Psych/pop single Only The beginning with its ace B side Sunflower. Anyhow Rocket Summer is a slow-paced fuzzed groover with psychedelic inclinations, note the HEYs with the backward reverb effect and they most definitely go into uncharted territory with the Spinal Tap –like voice-overs. The B side is a psychedelisized Glam instrumental swamped in cavernous reverb. Keep on stomping with the mushrooms lads…

Clich on title for soundclip

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