Gettin’ the Rod On

“It wasn’t a perfect show (where was the mandolin break in “Maggie May”?), but the program was terrific, and Rod seemed more relaxed with these new-old songs than he’s been in years. The opening selection, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s classic “Have You Ever Seen the Rain,” set the upbeat mood and fast pace.”

NY Post’s Dan Aquilante shook his booty at Rod Stewart’s Nokia Theater show Monday night. I’m glad Rod Stewart’s back to singing classic rock instead of the schmaltzy lounge songs; maybe he got bored too? I mean, Rod *is* classic rock!

photo by Steve Caraway

And what’s with everyone doing covers all of a sudden? Did I inadvertently set a trend at the start of this year? Shit, I just wanted to break in my new 8track recorder Christmas present! Maybe rock *is* dead – Was it the NYC early hardcore band Kraut who sang “You gotta go backwards, to go onwards”?

(Good Dfactor, mixing Dan Aquilante, Rod Stewart and Kraut in one post….)

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