Getting A Ticket

Sorry to have disappeared for so long, but I’ve been busy with a secret project. Not one that is likely to make me any money any time soon, I’m afraid, but one I couldn’t ignore either. A guy we’ll call Vic’s Pop came to town and asked me to show him German regional cooking.

Not for me to cook it, of course; I can’t do that. But over the past five days we went hither and yon in search of great stuff, and some of the travelogue will appear here anon.

To accomplish this most efficiently, he rented a car, a nice Audi with a good sound system and a wonderful climate control which allows each passenger in the front seat to choose a climate. I like it colder than he does, and we were both comfortable.

Now, one thing everyone knows about driving in Germany is that the Autobahn doesn’t have a speed limit. Thus, you get used to tooling around at whatever speed is most comfortable for you — in this case between 120 and 180 kph (74.56-111.85 mph). Thing is, when you get off the Autobahn, you’re supposed to obey the speed limit, but it’s not posted. You’re supposed to know.

And there are other things that are inevitable when you drive, too, like you can get frustrated by poorly-marked roads and virtually unannounced road construction, so when you’re in the clear, you might wind up driving too fast. I did.

This led to my first-ever encounter with the German Police — and my first-ever speeding ticket.

We decided on Sunday to go to G

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