Glam Sandwich & Electric Flares

Just came across this compilation on the Web. It looks like it’s vinyl only. As it’s a bootleg, they haven’t included the artists for copyright reasons, can anyone fill in the gaps and confirm some of the artists? I especially would like to know who did Zap N Cat.
Here is a link where there are sound clips for each song. I am in no way recommending its purchase, side 2 is pretty weak, but it’s there…

Thanks to James and Steve for filling in the gaps!

Side 1

1) Rebels Rule –Iron Virgin
2) Good Time Fanny –Angel
3) Rock To The Jukebox –Peter D Kelly
4) Beautiful Child –Buster
5) Zap N Cat -The Bubbles
6) Standing In The Road –Blackfoot Sue
7) There’s A Raver Coming Home –Sisters

Side 2

1) Will You Stop That -Ruby Pearl
2) Cigarettes Women & Wine –Chicory Tip
3) The Apple And The Arrow -Silver Pony
4) Right On –Zappo
5) Hot Rod –Willy Zango And The Mechanics –This version has a voice-over –my copy doesn’t…Is this a recent ”improvement”?
6) Peter Gunn -Thunder Road (to be confirmed)
7) Vanessa’s Luminous Dogcoat -Edwina Biglet And The Miglets

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