Greg Norton – Interloper

“The music was unlike anything else. It was King Krimson, Captain Beefheart and Wagner with syncopation that would give Stravinsky a hard-on. It was like playing Metroid on DMT. Anyone with heart palpitations would have either collapsed or have become inexplicably cured. This was not a show for invalids in adult diapers; this was Thor slamming you in the head with a hammer. Their song names are a mystery to me, but I imagine they have titles like, ‘Cataclysm,’ ‘Kaboom,’ and ‘The Four Horsemen Love Coltrane.’ It was bizarre, sinister, and fucking gnarly.”

It seems I rarely do any meaningful followup on bands whose shows I promo here. So I dug back a few weeks to find a great show review by the cool kids at Minnepaolis’ How was the Show? to the live shows I previewed by ex-Husker Greg Norton in his new band The Gang Font featuring Interloper.

For the record, though, I am not a fan of most skronk/jazz, prog and noise music.

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