Here’s a noisy & dark video from

Here’s a noisy & dark video from Parks & Wildlife’s Sept. 9 show at the Carousel Lounge in Austin. The song is titled “My Only One,” and I wrote the basic melody ten or eleven years ago, before I started dating Mrs. Obscurity. I’ve never been able to write another part for the song that had the immediacy as this basic melody, so this one is basically about dynamics. Using my Boomerang phrase sampler, I record the break by playing the melody forward and backwards at the same time and layering it so often that it builds up to a My Bloody Valentine-like wall of noise. At least that’s the idea. Amber plays a beautiful trumpet part on this song, too, pulling some wonderful Miles Davis-over-the-skronk moments out of thin air, and K.C.’s woozy keyboard parts bring the psychedelia home. For me, that is; I wouldn’t presume to say what brings psychedelia home for you.

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