I am a huge George Pelecanos fan

That being said (and obvious to anyone slightly close to me), things are on the downslide. The Night Gardener, a book that I finished last night, was the first Pelecanos novel to make me audibly emit an “eh.” I liked it. That’s all I can give. Slow and a little too morally fixated, even for Pelecanos. Many characters are an obvious result of his work on The Wire – not a bad thing, though not really a thing at all within the context of this book. I’m not one to send fanboy e-mails to writers, but I do every once in a while. Pelecanos is the only writer that has been nice enough to return them. That may have something to do with our bylines infrequently appearing in the same magazines/books, you know, writer to writer or whatever. Irregardless, The Night Gardener didn’t feel right; my finger is not on it. The icing on my “eh” feeling came today, after veiwing this. I know exactly what doesn’t feel right about that. You will, too.

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