I Am Once Again Your Guide To YouTube Greatness

Watch me join the ranks of every irritating co-worker, every semi-estranged relative, and every person with a MySpace profile…by forcing YouTube clips on you!! Difference is…I have taste.

GWAR on The Joan Rivers Show (1987) – Never a big GWAR fan. That just changed.

Husker Du on The Joan Rivers Show (1987) – At this stage, the wheels had long ago fallen off of this one, but some Husker Du is better than none. Listen as Joan reads from a one-sheet, and look how polite the boys are! That reminds me of my favorite Husker Du joke:

Q: What was Husker Du’s stage gimmick?

A: The only straight guy is the one WITH the mustache!

The Melvins on local TV in 1984 – How to be lonely and misunderstood: Do this in 1984!!

Hirax Promo – Just watch. “I SAID HOLD THE THUNDER ‘TIL I WALK OUT!!!!”

…and three of my favorite childhood 120 Minutes MOMENTS:



and three.

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