I made it into MetaCritic.com again!!!

philosherEric posted on April 24:

“It seems like there’s an unfortunate dichotomy in music journalism these days: either you’re an ass-kissing sycophant, or you’re a cynical prick. The latter camp includes the folks at Chunklet (who make me laugh regularly but are so nasty about so much, it makes me wonder if they LIKE anything) and the clumsily self-conscious Andrew Earles and his “Where’s the Street Team?” in Magnet. Earles shoots at fish in a barrel regularly (taking shots at the Arctic Monkeys…that’s tough to do!) and tries to play the curmudgeon, but he can’t write for shit and isn’t funny. Good work if you can get it, I guess: write bland criticisms of easy targets to be on the right side of hipsterism.”

Wait ’til you see next issue’s column, oh chooser of excruciating discussion board pseudonyms!

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