If you are in Paris within the next five months c…

If you are in Paris within the next five months check out the “Los Angeles 1955-1985” exhibition at the Centre Pompidou. It’s great! It has all the usual suspects : Dennis Hopper, David Hockney, Alexis Smith, Ed Moses, Mike Kelley, Kenneth Anger, George Herms, Gronk, and of course my Dad Wallace Berman. There are 60 artists in the show altogether. What I have seen of the catalogue it looks great. I am hoping that there will be future shows in Paris and other locations in Europe with respect to the art that was produced in Los Angeles.

As one can gather there is not one school of thought or a particular aesthetic – but it was (and still is) a community of artists that bounced off each other and with the rest of the world. I think this is an important show for the Centre Pompidou and Paris. Also I am super pleased with the installment of my Dad’s work. You can see the “Semina” film as well! It is a short piece of work, but in my mind it is Wallace’s masterpiece. But hey, you decide!

The above photograph is by Dennis Hopper – and it is the poster image for the exhibition. The show is up till July 17

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