Introducing The Lost in the Grooves Record Store

I am pleased to announce that after some digital hiccups that derailed
the first attempt at a Lost in the Grooves music store, we’ve been
taken under the wing of the Maryatt Music Group, and are back online
and in business selling MP3s of individual tracks (99 cents) or full
albums (most are $11.95) for download or as physical CDs. The site is
live at:

I hope you’ll stop by to hear samples of tracks by our exclusive
artists, including:

BRUTE FORCE (linguistic trickster and singer of the farest-ever Apple
45)… COSTES (Suckdog’s early collaborator, utterly unique Francophone
noise guru) … FUGU (French one man band orchestral pop majesty)…
THE LEOPARDS (mid-70s Kansas City Kinksy pop legends)… GIBSON BROS
(mid-80s punk-blues visionaries from Ohio)… LIPSTICK KILLERS
(Australian surf-garage heroes, with Radio Birdman connections and
perfect pop sensibilities)… THE ORGONE BOX (one man band from rural
England channeling the most exquisite aspects of 60s pop-psych)… SEX
CLARK 5 (brainy, ultra-catchy Beatlesque pop from Huntsville,
Alabama)… SUCKDOG (post-punk avant-garde opera from the incomparable
Lisa Carver)… JOHN TRUBEE (iconoclastic prankster and deconstructer
of jazz and rock convention). Coming soon, more from JOHN TRUBEE and

LITG music is licensed directly from the artists, and they are paid for
every track sold. And due to our partnership with Maryatt Music Group,
you might even hear some of these tracks on soundtracks or in ads.

We welcome your comments and recommendations, on the LITG site or in
the community forum. We’ll be adding new music, plus blogs from artists
and writers, regularly, so stay tuned.

Thanks for your interest in Lost in the Grooves, and for supporting
independent musicians.

-Kim Cooper, Editrix, Lost in the Grooves & Scram Magazine

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