It gnaws at me….

….the need to stay prolific with my postings. Today, I’m not feeling it. I do want to post some fractured ideas. Maybe one day I’ll expand them into full pieces, large or small, but today is not that day.

1. Uncle Buck holds up. Uncle Buck holds up tight and solid. If David Mamet wrote and directed a medium-hearted, 80’s, wide age range comedy, it would have come out like Uncle Buck.

2. The 70’s/early 80’s output of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.

3. Working in Alaska.

4. My distaste for the intensely yoga-fied female body. I do not like women that resemble Iggy Pop. I do not like women that resemble a male long distance runner. It’s a loose version of what the New York Press referred to as The Sarah Jessica Parker Syndrome: Women talk at length about how beautiful she is, but men know the truth, and men keep quiet about the truth.

5. I so wanted a fifth idea. I did. Er…ok, Eugene Mirman is not funny. Esquire magazine referred to him as a cross between Andy Kaufman and Andy Warhol. That… is fucking hilarious.

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