Just Farr A Laugh 2

I’ve just returned from Northern Arizona, where I accompanied my mother on a vacation. I ate cactus, rattlesnake, and cradled a 45 lb. live beaver during a jaunt through a glorified petting zoo (“Deer Farm”). Dreamcatchers of ALL SIZES!!! Canyons!!! Adventure Hippies!!! No computer!!!

A sampling of items personally acquired on trip:

1. 3 Manfred Mann’s Earth Band LP’s
2. A coffee cup from the aforementioned Deer Farm
3. Slow-acting dehydration
4. A newfound hatred of toddlers, large well-fed families with newborn triplets, chatty-chitty-chat-chat bartenders, and financial mismanagement
5. Increased fear of heights
6. Life and Def: Russell Simmons’ autobiography w/Nelson George (required pre-flight airport bookstore purchase)

….but here’s the real news:

Four years in the unmaking, Just Farr A Laugh 2 (formerly Just Farr Another Laugh) has been edited and ordered. Proper parties will receive this rough demo version before it is mastered sometime in the coming two weeks.

Final Track Listing Is As Follows (titles subject to change):

1. Let’s Call Out The Joke: That’s One Funny Demographic To Be Associated With Terms Of Endearment.
2. Ed Asner and the San Diego Chicken Pt. 1 (CD money shot)
3. Ed Asner and the San Diego Chicken Pt. 2 (CD money shot cont.)
4. Man With Confusing Array Of Things For Sale Calls Again….THREE AND A HALF YEARS LATER
5. The Crank Dawg
6. Possibly Uncomfortable Call Re: Easy Target
7. This Lawyer Does Not Want To Deal With Bleachy
8. I’m Very Sorry About The Incident In The Wave Pool
9. It’s A Picture Perfect Day At T-Mobile
10. Pop-Cultural Clusterfuck AKA Loder’s Run: The Quickening
11. The Beard Is Back
12. Isaac Hayes….You’re Not Off The Hook
13. The Party Doctor!!!
14. Some Of The Younger Girls Ask Me, “Mom, How Do You Keep Your Ass From Looking Like A Bowl Of Cottage Cheese?” I Take A Drag From My Cigarette And Say, “I Don’t.”
15. Jeff Jensen Spends Entire Afternoon In His PJ’s Calling Italian Eateries As Garfield The Cat. 57 Calls Later, And You Get This
16. Doses And Weed, Doses And Weed
17. A Table For One At Arby’s
18. Tackleberry The Pooch
19. Jazz Cigarettes
20. Snippet Of Unusable Call Included To Justify Title Of CD
21. Tanner Wildgrass
22. My Tight Bros Call Me Ditchweed…Don’t Ask, Ok, Go Ahead And Ask
23. Welcome Back Bonaroovians
24. It’s Always Funny With They Get Bleachy’s Gender Wrong

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