Just Make It Happen

Dennis serves Tom a double shot. Make sure and listen to all three calls (me, the caller that believes Dennis is a real person, then me again, and make sure that you’re listening to the October 24th show).

For Dennis’ history on Tom Scharpling’s The Best Show On WMFU, please see previous posts (they will not be older than early Sept., plus, it’s the only Best Show character I’ve done in a while).

Halloween night, you’re more than welcome to tune in to the exciting conclusion.

Here are the notes that I took prior to calling last night (grammatical errors are intact….they’re notes!!):


Was called out of the country for am emergency meeting in Manila. See, as I?ve said, I work from home. But my company has outsourced a good portion of our day-to-day operations to the Philippines. It?s great, man, we?re talkin? a massive workforce, with college degrees, that will take whatever job they can get. We basically pay them what amounts to 3 dollars an hour.

Ok, so I?ve got you down for the last minute briefing Monday during the day, right?

Ok, Friday during the day, I?ve set up an eight-way conference call with some business consultants I?ve used in the past, I think that it will be a great help to you re: Tuesday night.

My wife jogs by in the mornings. It?s ok, you can say it. She?s smokin?, right? Don?t even ask where I found her. Ok, go ahead and ask. She?s a former Denver Nuggets dance squad member!!!

Don?t you love the way that ponytail comes through the back of the hat, man?!?! I can?t get enough of that.

You?re coming over. I?ve got a power-point presentation already prepared. Some pie charts detailing the exact amount, and what type, of candy I expect each one of my kids to receive.

I?m really proud of my oldest, Logan. Man, I went all out for his 16th birthday. I got him a 2002 Chevy Tahoe, 6? lift kit, got a built in cup in the driver?s door, cuz he dips a lot.

I?ve also created a spreadsheet for you. It?s an hour-by-hour task sheet for Monday and Tuesday. I want to make sure you?re dedicating the proper amount of time to preparing for the big night. I just need for you to fill it out, sign it, and return it to me on Wednesday morning.

My daughter plays the harp. I want you to be extra careful when you hand her the candy.

For all of your efforts here, I?ve got a little something for you. What?s the name James Keach do for you? He was in Wildcats with Goldie Hawn. He?s been in some stuff since then, but I don?t have much time for movies. Well, we hired him to come to the head office to give a motivational speech. He?s in the real estate/time share business now. Really done well for himself.

If this, for some reason, doesn?t go off without a hitch?.you can count yourself uninvited to my Memorial Day cookout next year.

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