Let me be your guide….

Save some surfing time with this handy list of worthy YouTube selections. Some are from my “underground” or public access VHS hording days (mid-90’s to early-00’s). YouTube has thankfully put this once sacred past time at anyone’s fingertips.

(please forgive the disappearance of my toolbar, hence the lack of hyperlinking…thanks Safari)

Hilarious cross-item conservatism and brutal animation: Two of my favorite modern country videos.

Montgomery Gentry – “You Do Your Thing”


Lonestar – “Mr. Mom”


The world may not need another Clearly-Fucked-Out-Of-Their-Minds rock performance, but here’s Afternoon Rock heroes Dr. Hook with what may be the best:


I don’t know. Acid? PCP? Coke? Can’t simply be booze……


Classic David Lee Roth tyrade (if you haven’t already seen it):

Classic guy-giving-directions:


Chris Rea’s non-hit, “Tennis” (his hit was the Afternoon Rock monster, “Fool If You Think It’s Over”)


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