Like Dylan on the Radio

A friend of mine wrote to me today about seeing crochety old Bob Dylan over the weekend in upstate NY:
“…(the effects of Hurricane) ernesto held off until after the last song, aptly enough “Rainy Day Women”… lots of oldies — happily more than half the songs pre-1970.. but as expected his voice is seriously changed and/or damaged, completely eliminating melody and drastically changing the rhythm of intonation. As such, it was hard to even recognize some of the hits. In any case, it was more of a musical pilgrimage and paying my respects than a good rocking time…”

That was Dylan this past weekend.

Now, let’s kick the time clock back about, oh, say 43 years to 1963, and a young Studs Terkel in Chicago interviewing an even younger Bobby D on the radio. Ryan’s Smashing Life has got it all – interview clips, songs, Zimmermanisms, and such. Any serious Dylan fans out there will like this shit. Oh, and like, where did he walk? What did he eat?

And if you’ve gotten this far, you’ll be happy to learn that Dylan’s music wil be celebrated at a Music for Youth benefit concert on November 9th at Avery Fisher Hall in NYC. The show will feature a wide array of musical performers like Patti Smith, Joan Osborne, Bob Mould, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!(??) and many others. Buy tickets now for this good cause thing.

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