“Little Miss Sunshine is cute, but weird”

This asshole looks nothing like a twenty-something. He’s aging worse than I am. I am 33. Wow, you’re into the Shins. Garden State is nothing more than an excuse for fratboys, sorority sluts, and the aging versions thereof to blurt out loud that they saw something “thoughtful.” It’s pretentious, meaningless garbage, just like You, Me, And Everyone That Subscribes To ReadyMade Magazine, is similar refuse. When the “thinkers” of my generation decide to stop getting blown away by easy poppycock like Thumbsucker, The Science of Sleep, The Practice of Exploitation and Daniel Johnston (1), I Heart Huckabees, Love Liza, and, say, Igby Goes Down, I’ll stand atop my coffee table and crap a rainbow for all to see. Many of the titles just mentioned fall right into the category of Clever Art For Stupid People. I challenge you blinder-wearing nimrods to love something daring for a change.

1. I am a Daniel Johnston fan. A mild fan. I believe him to be quite an amazing visual artist. Aside from about an album’s worth of great pop ditties, his music is grating child’s play that has nothing to do with Brian Wilson (as the documentary made the most ridiculous comparison). He (by no fault of his own), like many (like Wesley Willis), carries a “Get Exalted Because You’re Incredibly Prolific And Insane For Free Card.” The same can be said for Jandek. Be honest and start listening to your ears, not what you believe is cool because a bunch of drooling, pathological sheep say it’s the second coming. My second book, after I sell The Novelty Hip Hop Encyclopedia, will be titled The Truth About Outsider Artists.

It’s far too late at night (hint hint) for me to be posting.

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