Look, I’m Quitting

I can’t take the negative feedback. I quit. Hope you’re happy. No more writing for me. Anywhere, anytime.

“Sinead O’Connor can rest assured that she does indeed have a crude sense of humor. I laughed out loud at her horse-dick joke (issue #70). And after reading Andrew Earles’ Where’s The Street Team? column, I needed a good laugh.”

Guy De Federicis
Dunkirk, NY

“Andrew Earles, I figured you out. You must be lost: You should be in the pages of Chunklet, the home of Lester Bangs-inspired shit-talkers who are too cool for everything. But while Bangs did a great job of calling bullshit on bands that deserved it, he also talked about music he loved with passion and sometimes about bands that it wasn’t very cool to admit to liking. Anyone can dissect art and find something wrong with it. There’s no talent necessary for that. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t agree with things you’ve said or that your column hasn’t made me laugh, but you’re still a coward who can’t admit to liking much of anything, let alone write about it with any real feeling.”

Tyler Ritter
Chicago, IL

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