mack on some cupcakes

My last day in NYC began at brunch with Allison and Scott. We went to Vynl on West 50th Street. Despite spelling “vinyl” wrong, it was a nice place. They have bathrooms decorated in the styles of Elvis, Dolly Parton and, uh, Nelly. How appropriate that I encountered a St. Lunatic (albeit in restroom-decor form) the day I was scheduled to return to St. Louis.

My flight wasn’t until about 4:00 pm. I made the mistake of taking all my stuff with me, which limited my mobility. Couple that with absolute exhaustion, and you’ll see why my last few hours were kind of low-key. I stopped at Cupcake Cafe since I was sort of in the neighborhood. “Lazy Sunday” may have popularized Magnolia Bakery’s goods, but I remain loyal to Cupcake Cafe. Afterwards I just sat in a midtown Starbucks for awhile, sippling latte and watching people go by.

I managed to catch an early flight out of LaGuardia, but ended up stuck in Midway Airport for five hours. When I was a kid, I loved airports. Not anymore; at least not for five hours when I could be sleeping, studying, playing with Esther, etc. I ended up not getting home until almost midnight.

So now I’m home. I have a lot of work to do, I’m tired, and the aforementioned family drama isn’t helping my mood, but I had a great few days back in NYC. Hope it’s not another five years before I return.

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