Mad Money

Tipped off by Tom Scharpling via IM, I checked out Jim Cramer’s MAD MONEY (airs weeknights at 8c on CNBC). Where have I been?!?!?!? I just might invest in (John) Deere!!! Cramer always hosts in ALL-CAPS, throws objects around the studio, and drinks simultaneously from an innocuous fast food soft drink cup, a coffee cup, and a bottle of water. He has a control panel with giant fist buttons, and can initiate any number of sound (a baby crying, his voice yelling “BUY!! BUY!! BUY!!, a man falling from a window) and visual (animated charging bulls and attacking bears) effects. He looks like a fitter but older Paul Giamatti, and repeatedly claims to be 61-years-old (a ticker always appears that claims, “Cramer doesn’t look at day over 51!!!”). Tomorrow, I will buy his book. It would be nice to attain one of the copies that he throws all over the set, though. If this guy is news to you, please check out this show. You’ll thank me.

“INVEST IN UPS!!!!!!” (throws chair across room)

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